EP 12 What I Did For...A Job with J. Elaine Marcos

Guys! We could not be more excited to have our dear friend, 10 time Broadway triple threat, comedian and now keynote speaker J. Elaine Marcos on the pod this week. She talks about coming to NYC in a time where diversity wasn’t on the forefront of the theatre communities mind and how she had to make a conscious decision to use her differences to stand out instead of trying to fit in. Through some truly hysterical stories, we get a glimpse into what an audition looks like for J.Elaine and the importance of mastering the rules before you can break them.

We also chat about…

  • The process of dealing with immigration while trying to audition

  • Creating opportunities for your own work

  • Coping with an injury while still auditioning

  • Creating her cabaret What I Did For…A Job

  • Motivational Mondays with V

  • Transitioning from theatre to film/TV



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