EP 07 Mediums, Drag Queens, Mike Kelton - Oh My!

Today’s episode features Brooklyn based comedian, producer, writer/director, TV host and podcaster extraordinaire Mike Kelton. We fell in love with Mike after listening to his podcast Beyond with Mike Kelton. Born out of a genuine love for all things spiritual, Beyond follows Mike as he works through his everyday problems via supernatural means. As we discuss in the episode, Mike has his “hands in many pies” and his boldest Job description is that of “Storyteller.” This brings us deep into conversation around the interconnectedness of people and the importance of sharing vs. preaching when it comes to healing the trauma we are experiencing as a nation.

The three of us explore spirituality and the importance of following your instincts when on a creative journey. And he even gives us a sneak peak into season 2 of the pod. Once we actually got in the same room we truly could have given y’all a 3 hour episode, but that seemed excessive for 4 weeks in so we decided to be sensible (I know! We’re shocked too).

Keep an eye out for Mike’s newest project TLC’s special Drag Me Down The Aisle.

We also chat about…

  • D’s new tattoo and the story behind it

  • Drag Culture

  • Dropping the ego

  • Past life regressions

  • Guardian Angels



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Alexandra Matteo