EP 14 Spilling The T On Honesty

Y’all a funny thing happened when we tried recording a podcast (on God knows what because it never saw the light of day) over our time apart from each other….We found ourselves internally censoring so as not to offend or ruffle any feathers with the other person. Bizarre right!? Thankfully D had the good sense to call us on our shit and suggest maybe doing an episode on Honesty and thus…..here we are. So now that we are back in the same city , we sat down (IN QUEENS!) to discuss this scary, vulnerable, yet essential topic.

Join us as we chat about…

  • The brand vs. the person

  • Conflict Resolution

  • How you cannot be authentic without first being honest

  • How honesty attracts people who are vibrating on a higher frequency

  • The shame surrounding transparency over something you’re embarrassed about and how at times it’s difficult to be honest with those you love and trust

  • Radical Transparency

  • Asking for help when you need it



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