EP 13 Collaboration

Y’all it is a BIG week for us here at the Pull It Together Pod Studios (aka: my living room). D is about to leave for his book tour, we’ve given Millie her bed back and are seeing how we feel about sitting in real chairs (jury’s still out on that one) and we start the episode going down a rabbit hole about what makes a great memoir. We’re basically nailing it. Speaking of nailing it, I could not be more excited to share with you our discussion on collaboration. When we started the pod almost 5 MONTHS AGO (!!!!) we knew we had a HUGE learning curve ahead of us. We certainly don’t have it all figured out, but we had some pretty incredible discussions on what it looks like to collaborate on something as personal as creativity.

We also chat about…

  • The uncomfortable nature of change

  • Creator vs. Problem Solver

  • 4 tactics to communicate more effectively with artists

  • Adding a layer of compassion/Empathy

  • Learning to let go of control

  • How criticism brings out our inner child

  • The importance of setting aside time to nurture your friendship with your business partner

  • Collaborator vs. Being a vessel for someones creativity



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