EP 09 Find Your Tribe

Alright family, you’ve heard us chat about the Biddie Brigade enough that this week’s topic should come as no surprise…finding your tribe. In this week’s episode A+D discuss the importance of community and finding people who you aren’t afraid to be your authentic self and have the tough conversations with. A shares how her core group of friends came to be and how shifting to a mindset of abundance has helped those relationships blossom. We also discuss creating conscious opportunities to build community and the importance of cultivating relationships that support your artistic growth.

We also chat about…

  • The animal living in A’s “backyard”

  • Traumatizing rat drama in NYC

  • Community over competition

  • Finding people who support your creative journey

  • Happiness over suffering

  • The importance of giving

  • The false sense of community bitching brings

  • Barbies



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Alexandra Matteo