EP 11 Serious Fitness for Ridiculous Humans with Mark Fisher

So like….our guest this week is a gem of a human being who you may or may not have heard us gush over about a thousand times in our short life as a podcast…Mr. Mark Fisher of our favorite workout studio Mark Fisher Fitness! In one of our favorite and most informative interviews yet we discuss how Mark intuitively developed MFF from a side hustle into one of the most sought after gym experiences in NYC. Truly there is not a word that falls out of this man’s mouth that isn’t utterly inspiring. Join us as we chat about The importance of finding what people want and where you can add value, the evolution of MFF and Business for Unicorns, and how Mark’s theatre background actually informed who he is as a businessman.

We also chat about…

  • Blood pressure as it relates to alcohol consumption

  • Mark’s weekly reading habits

  • The necessity of emotions to make decisions

  • Work/life balance

  • The importance of understanding how irrational we act most of the time

  • Business culture and the importance of community



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