Pull It Together

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Pull It Together Podcast is about two control freaks navigating life as creatives while learning to let go, and let the universe do it’s thing! Dustin is a plant-based chef, web series host and author and Alex is a New York City based actor. Together, Dustin and Alex explore the up’s and downs of trying to pull it together even if things are falling apart. In this mad world of auditions, day jobs, yoga classes, finger paintings, self-growth books and coffee...lots of coffee; Join Alex and Dustin for unique and quirky conversations and inspiring chats with guests who also lead creative lifestyles in fitness, food, arts, astrology, entertainment and beyond. Grab a latte and take a sip with Alex and Dustin as they try their best to pull it together.


Dustin Harder


Dustin started off his creative career in the 8th grade in a community theatre production of The Music Man and hasn't stopped playing dress up yet. For many years he toured the world in song and dance then went on to handle rescue dogs with Berloni Theatrical Animals for Broadway, Film and Television. Shifting to the culinary arts in 2014 Dustin trained as a professional chef at The Natural Gourmet Institute. After graduation Dustin produced and hosted The Vegan Roadie, a vegan travel culinary series. He has also written two books, Simply Vegan and Epic Vegan and is ecstatic to be talking about more than tofu on this podcast.



vulnerability is not weakness.
And that myth is profoundly dangerous.
Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation,
creativity and change.
— Brene Brown (Our girl)

Alex Matteo


As a small town girl in Kansas (insert Dorothy joke here) Alex would watch Fame on repeat and dream of the day when she’d move to the big city and dance on cafeteria tables. Her mother promptly reminded her that the world does not in fact revolve around her, and while she would support her dreams she would not be renting her an apartment in New York at the ripe age of 12 to hone her craft.  Needless to say she was devastated.

Alex eventually left Kansas and shortly thereafter, began living life as a Broadway gypsy - jumping around on various Broadway shows and National Tours while making her home in the New York of Cities. As she approached her Saturn return, Alex decided to take a more holistic approach to life as a creative and is (trying to) shift her focus from the outcome to the journey.

Alex loves fancy things, but is secretly happiest drinking a bottle of wine and watching Game of Thrones with her mini aussie (and podcast producer) Millie. She is an avid supporter of crop tops, and it is said she can assemble the most impressive charcuterie board this side of the Mississippi.